10 Best Guitar Wall Hangers

Get the scoop on the top 10 guitar wall hangers of 2024, designed to secure and showcase your instrument with style and innovation.

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For musicians, the way you store your guitar is almost as important as the instrument itself. Not only does it need to be safe and easily accessible, but it should also complement your space and showcase your guitar like the piece of art it is.

With 2024 bringing a plethora of options, finding the perfect guitar wall hanger has never been easier. From sleek designs that meld seamlessly with your decor to secure locks that keep your guitar firmly in place, this guide to the 10 best guitar wall hangers will help you find the ideal solution.

Whether you’re aiming to display a single guitar or an entire collection, these top picks promise to meet your needs, ensuring your guitars are not just stored, but celebrated.

Brogan’s Quick Take

The best guitar wall hanger is the SNIGJAT Guitar Wall Mount Hanger (2 Pack), known for its secure and elegant display of stringed instruments, integrating solid wood and metal for durability and protection against scratches. It features a V-shaped bracket and an adjustable, non-slip yoke, accommodating a diverse range of instruments including guitars, basses, banjos, and mandolins. This hanger is a superior option for musicians aiming to securely and elegantly display their stringed instruments.

SNIGJAT Guitar Wall Mount Hanger (2 Pack)

The SNIGJAT Guitar Wall Mount Hanger (2 Pack) emerges as a superior option for musicians aiming to securely and elegantly display their stringed instruments. Its construction integrates solid wood and metal, equipped with padded sleeves, ensuring both durability and protection against scratches.

Unlike some alternatives, this hanger features a V-shaped bracket and an adjustable, non-slip yoke, enhancing its grip and accommodating a diverse range of instruments including guitars, basses, banjos, and mandolins. The capacity to support up to 20 lbs and the inclusion of a rotatable design for different headstock shapes further extend its versatility.

Installation is streamlined, with all necessary hardware provided, though it’s worth noting the plastic drywall anchors may lack the robustness some users seek, potentially necessitating an upgrade for optimal stability.

Sound harbor Guitar Wall Mount Hanger (3 Pack)

For those musicians and guitar enthusiasts in search of a secure yet visually appealing method to showcase and safeguard their instruments, the Sound harbor Guitar Wall Mount Hanger (3 Pack) stands out as a great option.

This selection is distinguished by its robust construction, featuring high-grade, durable steel complemented by arms coated in non-slip soft foam. This design not only promises a firm grip, preventing the risk of damaging your prized instruments with scratches but also caters to a variety of string instruments beyond guitars, such as violins, mandolins, ukuleles, and banjos. The adaptability of the hangers is useful, with their arms capable of rotating to accommodate instruments of different shapes and sizes comfortably within the deep U-shaped cradle.

One of the key advantages of this product is its ease of installation. The package comes complete with screws and drywall anchors, making it accessible for installers of all skill levels to securely mount their instruments on the wall. The mounting process not only optimizes space within the living area but also elevates the instruments, turning them into focal points of the room’s decor.

However, it’s essential to weigh this product against some reported concerns regarding the quality of materials used. While the steel construction and soft foam arms are designed for durability and protection, there have been instances where the quality didn’t meet some users’ expectations, potentially impacting the product’s longevity.

VEIDIA Guitar Hangers Wall Mount (6 Pcs)

The VEIDIA Guitar Hangers Wall Mount set stands out in the market for offering a blend of versatility, security, and aesthetic appeal, making it an exemplary choice for musicians interested in displaying a broad spectrum of string instruments.

This set distinguishes itself with its adjustable arms coated in a soft sponge, a thoughtful design choice aimed at preventing damage to instruments, thereby ensuring that guitars, basses, violins, and more aren’t only displayed prominently but also preserved in pristine condition.

The steel hook’s capability to support up to 60 pounds underscores the product’s reliability, accommodating even the weightier instruments like an acrylic Strat with ease.

The ease of installation is another highlight, with the inclusion of all necessary mounting hardware simplifying the process for users of varying technical abilities.

Despite its affordability, the VEIDIA Guitar Hangers don’t skimp on quality, offering a cost-effective solution for keeping instruments organized and securely mounted.

However, it’s notable that some users have suggested the need for stronger drywall anchors to enhance support for heavier instruments, a minor critique that doesn’t significantly detract from the product’s overall value.

In comparison to other options available, the VEIDIA Guitar Hangers Wall Mount set emerges as a robust solution for musicians prioritizing secure, versatile, and visually appealing instrument display.

CC CAIHONG Guitar Wall Mount Hanger (2 Pack)

For musicians in search of a dependable and visually appealing method to hang their instruments, the CC CAIHONG Guitar Wall Mount Hanger stands out due to its adjustable arms and premium non-marring rubber coating. This pair of hangers is meticulously crafted from alloy steel with a polished finish and is capable of supporting up to 22 pounds each, making them suitable for a broad array of string instruments, including guitars, basses, violins, and ukuleles.

The foam-coated arms provide a secure grip, ensuring that instruments are held firmly without risk of damage. The installation process is straightforward, with all the necessary hardware provided, offering convenience to users. Customer feedback consistently praises the hangers’ robustness and flexibility, reinforcing the CC CAIHONG hangers as a top recommendation for musicians who prioritize the safety and aesthetic display of their instruments.

In comparison to other products discussed, these hangers distinguish themselves with their blend of functionality, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal. They’re particularly noted for:

  • The ability to adjust the arms and the high-quality rubber coating, which guarantees a secure and safe display for a wide range of instruments.
  • The simple and hassle-free installation, as all essential mounting hardware is included.
  • The durable alloy steel construction with a sleek polished finish, capable of holding up to 22 pounds per hanger, which is indicative of their strength and reliability.

However, it’s worth noting that these hangers are designed for wall mounting, which may require the use of tools and could potentially leave marks on the wall, a factor that might be considered a drawback for some users.

Despite this, the overall value and performance of the CC CAIHONG Guitar Wall Mount Hangers make them a superior choice for musicians looking for a secure and elegant way to showcase their string instruments.

5 Pack Wooden Guitar Wall Hanger for Safe Storage and Display

The 5 Pack Wooden Guitar Wall Hanger stands out in the market for its unique combination of style and functionality, tailored for guitar aficionados who prioritize both secure storage and showcasing of their instruments. Crafted from premium North American hardwood, it distinguishes itself with a design that isn’t only visually appealing but also durable.

Unlike standard models, each hanger in this pack features a robust all-steel core, complemented by arms covered in soft silicone. This thoughtful design ensures a gentle yet firm grip on various instruments, minimizing the risk of damage. Furthermore, its adaptable yoke with a rotating mechanism is particularly beneficial for guitars with non-symmetrical headstocks, offering a universal fit that’s often lacking in other hangers.

Installation is straightforward, with all the required accessories provided, a factor often highlighted in customer reviews along with the hanger’s overall solid build. However, it’s worth noting that some users have suggested the need for stronger screws than those included, to enhance the hanger’s reliability further.

Keebofly Guitar Wall Mount (2 Pack) with Pick Holder

For guitar enthusiasts who prioritize both the practical and aesthetic aspects of instrument storage, the Keebofly Guitar Wall Mount (2 Pack) with Pick Holder stands out as an exemplary choice.

This wall mount, constructed from 100% solid wood with a charming rustic finish, not only offers robust support but also enhances the decor of any space. It’s engineered to support a variety of guitar types, including acoustic, electric, ukulele, bass, and mandolin. The design incorporates a rounded wooden hook covered in fine linen, ensuring that instruments remain secure without the risk of sliding, falling, or sustaining scratches.

Plus, the added convenience of a shelf for picks and small accessories, coupled with its straightforward installation process and positive feedback from customers, positions it as a preferred option for musicians who value both functionality and style in displaying their instruments.

Best Suited For: Guitar players seeking a dependable and visually appealing solution for displaying and organizing their guitars and related accessories.


  • Offers a stable and secure holding mechanism through a rounded wooden hook enveloped in fine linen, minimizing the risk of instrument damage.
  • Serves a dual purpose by being both functional for various guitar types and aesthetically pleasing, adding a rustic allure to the surroundings.
  • Comes equipped with a shelf designed for the convenient storage of guitar picks and small items, promoting better organization and accessibility.


  • Some concerns have been raised regarding its stability when exposed to movements, suggesting a potential area for improvement.

This wall mount system is specifically tailored for musicians who not only wish to safely store their instruments but also display them as part of their home’s decor, blending seamlessly with various interior designs while ensuring the guitars are always ready for play.

HERCULES Stands Guitar Wall Hanger (GSP38WBK-PLUS)

The HERCULES Stands Guitar Wall Hanger (GSP38WBK-PLUS) stands out in the market with its Auto Grip System yoke, which is designed to offer unparalleled stability and protection for guitars. This feature is enhanced by the inclusion of Specially Formulated Foam, ensuring that instruments aren’t only held securely but are also protected from scratches or other types of damage.

This model is particularly versatile due to its N.I.N.A adjustments, which cater to a wide range of neck widths, including those as narrow as 28mm. This makes it a suitable choice for various guitar types, from classical to electric.

Another noteworthy aspect of this wall hanger is its design. The wood base, finished in sleek black, isn’t only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, making it a complement to any room decor. The hanger’s AutoSwivel yoke is engineered to rotate automatically, thus accommodating guitars and basses of different shapes. This ensures that each instrument is displayed at the ideal angle, both for aesthetic presentation and for the safety of the instrument.

However, it’s important to consider feedback regarding the hardware that accompanies this product. Some users have expressed concerns about the quality of the screws provided, suggesting they may not meet the same high standard as the rest of the hanger.

Despite this, the hanger’s robust construction, capable of supporting up to 7kg (15.4lbs), along with its thoughtful design and protective features, position it as a top choice for guitar enthusiasts seeking a reliable and stylish solution for displaying their instruments.

Sondery Auto Lock Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

For musicians in search of a reliable and adaptable method to display and safeguard their string instruments, the Sondery Auto Lock Guitar Wall Mount Hanger stands out as an excellent option.

This hanger distinguishes itself with an auto-lock mechanism that ensures instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, ukuleles, basses, banjos, and mandolins are held securely. Unlike some alternatives, it caters to a wide range of instruments, although it doesn’t accommodate those with Nitrocellulose finishes, which may be a drawback for certain musicians.

Its compatibility with various wall surfaces including brick, drywall, and wood, coupled with a straightforward installation process, highlights its versatility and user-friendliness. The mount’s design includes a Push & Turn feature for ease of installation and auto-lock safety grips to prevent accidental drops, offering peace of mind to users.

Moreover, the inclusion of specially formulated foam provides added protection against scratches, emphasizing the product’s thoughtful design geared towards maintaining the pristine condition of instruments.

While the inability to support instruments with Nitro finishes could be seen as a limitation, the Sondery Auto Lock Guitar Wall Mount Hanger’s overall functionality and protective features make it a favored choice among musicians who value security, versatility, and aesthetic presentation in a mounting solution.

Donner Locking Guitar Wall Mount Hangers (3-Pack)

The Donner Locking Guitar Wall Mount Hangers (3-Pack) stand out for their auto-lock mechanism, ensuring that guitars and other string instruments are securely held in place, a feature that distinguishes them from many competitors.

This set is particularly appealing for its versatility across different string instruments, enhancing its utility for a broad range of musicians.

The installation process is straightforward, with all necessary screws and drywall anchors provided, enabling quick and hassle-free mounting—a notable advantage for those seeking convenience.

The construction quality is robust, incorporating EVA cushions and padded arms for added instrument protection and stability, a detail that underscores the manufacturer’s commitment to safeguarding users’ instruments.

Despite its many strengths, a potential limitation is the included wall anchors, which may not offer optimal stability for all types of walls, an aspect that could be crucial for ensuring the safety of heavier instruments.

DkOvn Guitar Wall Hanger (1 Pack, Brown)

The DkOvn Guitar Wall Hanger distinguishes itself in the market with its unique combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality, making it an excellent choice for guitarists who prioritize both style and the safety of their instruments.

This hanger’s construction from durable natural solid wood paired with a sturdy metal steel hook ensures long-lasting use and supports instruments up to 30lb. Its design is enhanced by a soft silicone cover on the hook, providing essential protection to the surface of the instrument.

Unlike some competitors, this model features an adjustable and rotatable bracket that caters to a wide range of guitar head shapes and sizes, alongside two adjustable stoppers that further secure the guitar neck. This versatility makes it highly compatible with various instruments and wall types.

However, its maximum load capacity of 30lb might limit its use with heavier instruments. In comparison to other hangers in the market, the DkOvn Guitar Wall Hanger is noted for its quality construction, adaptability, and overall value, positioning it as a preferred option for musicians who seek a reliable and visually appealing instrument display solution.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Guitar Wall Hangers

Selecting the right guitar wall hangers demands careful thought for both the protection and presentation of your instrument.

Installation Ease

When selecting a guitar wall hanger, it’s essential to consider how easily it can be installed, as this impacts both your experience and the safety of your instrument.

Hangers that include screws and anchors typically offer a straightforward installation process. Features such as adjustable arms or a rotatable design can accommodate different headstock shapes, making the installation process smoother.

The type of wall mount and the included mounting hardware are key factors in ensuring an easy setup. Choosing hangers that are designed for quick installation can significantly reduce time and effort.

Furthermore, consulting user reviews on the ease of installation can lead you to a hassle-free option. A simple installation process not only safeguards your guitar but also prevents unnecessary frustration.

Weight Capacity

When choosing a guitar wall hanger, the weight capacity is a key factor to ensure the safety of your instrument. Different hangers can support various weights, ranging from 20, 35, to 60 pounds.

To prevent any damage, it’s necessary to know your guitar’s weight and select a hanger that can comfortably support it. Some models come with adjustable arms or are made from steel hooks to hold heavier instruments securely.

Ensuring the hanger’s weight capacity matches your guitar’s weight is crucial for a secure mount. This careful consideration will help keep your guitar safe on the wall, always ready for your next play.

Material Durability

To guarantee the secure hanging of your guitar, opting for a wall hanger crafted from robust materials such as solid wood or steel is crucial. These materials aren’t only capable of bearing the weight of your guitar but also promise durability.

It’s important to verify the weight capacity of the hanger to ensure it can accommodate your instrument, particularly if it’s on the heavier side. Additionally, consider hangers equipped with protective features like soft foam padding or silicone covers, which are instrumental in protecting your guitar’s finish from any scratches or damage.

Opting for a material that accommodates a variety of guitars and string instruments enhances the versatility and reliability of the solution. By focusing on durability, you safeguard the long-term security and condition of your guitar.

Instrument Compatibility

After confirming the durability of your wall hanger, it’s imperative to evaluate its compatibility with your specific instruments. Some hangers are tailored for guitars, while others can support various string instruments. Adjustable and rotatable brackets are beneficial for accommodating the unique headstock designs of different instruments.

It’s also vital to ensure the wall hanger’s weight capacity is suitable for your instrument to prevent any potential damage. For those with multiple instruments, purchasing a set of hangers may be advantageous.

Always check the product details to guarantee a perfect fit and secure support for your instrument.

Design Aesthetics

When choosing guitar wall hangers, it’s crucial to consider how they’ll complement your room’s decor, enhancing its overall appeal. A well-selected hanger does more than just safely hold your guitar; it transforms the space into a sanctuary for musicians, adding to the ambiance.

Whether your preference leans towards a timeless wooden finish, a cozy rustic vibe, or a sleek modern aesthetic, finding a hanger that aligns with your personal style can significantly improve the visual harmony of the room.

The functionality of the hanger is important, but its design and material should also echo your individual taste, turning your musical instruments into decorative art pieces and contributing to a tidy, aesthetically pleasing arrangement.