Sleep Music 1

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Walking In The Cosmic Mind

Why the track title of Walking In The Cosmic Mind? Back when my wife and I were dating and living in Portland, Oregon, we’d drive out to the beach at night. It was about an hour and a half drive and we’d get to Gearhart when it was pitch black.

Gearhart is a cool beach because there’s a wide stretch of grassy dunes between the houses and the beach. That means you can’t see any lights from the beach. It’s hard to tell the difference between the sky, ocean, and sand since everything blends into a deep indigo gray.

The sand slopes so gently that you can walk on a thin layer of glassy water. When the stars are out, above and below look like the night sky.

I tried to capture this feeling with the album cover art and the title. Walking out there, you lose your sense of distance and direction. The shifting reflections and gentle current make it feel like you aren’t walking anywhere, the world is just slightly changing as you move.

I started to think of it like walking inside a mind. The stars and sand are all neurons and you’re just floating in clear existence. Really, the mind is the basis of all experience. When I’m walking on the beach at night or meditating or looking at a mountain, there are times when my mind feels as expansive as the scenery.

Best ambient music for deep sleep

I’ve fallen asleep to this track multiple times now (is it weird falling asleep to your own music?) and I think it’s one of the best ambient sleep music options. I specifically EQ’d the track to not have any piercing highs or boomy lows. It also sounds good on phone speakers. I normally don’t use phone speakers for music, but I often just throw on an ambient playlist quietly through my phone at night.

Instrumentation And Composition

I recorded Sleep Music 1 on an archtop jazz guitar with layered effects. The guitar tone is a bit dark and it works well for an ambient instrument. I also used some reverb and delay and created multiple panned tracks to add interest on either side.

Compositionally, there are two sections to the piece. Section A expands slowly as the bass notes go down while the melody rises. After repeating a few times, Section B comes in as a contrast with a high melody that gradually descends. The accompanying counterpoint uses larger intervals and sounds a bit more spread out.

In terms of harmony, I used descending patterns that center more on minor chords than major ones. I tried to create a feeling of expansiveness and solitude with the music.

Benefits of listening to sleep music

Listening to ambient music at bedtime can significantly improve your sleep quality by reducing stress and anxiety levels. The gentle, soothing melodies encourage your mind to unwind, making it easier for you to fall asleep. It’s not just about getting to sleep more quickly, though. Ambient music can enhance the depth of your sleep, leading to more restorative rest. I’ve definitely found this to be true.

By creating a consistent auditory backdrop, sleep music helps in drowning out disruptive noises. You know, those annoying sounds that jolt you awake or keep you tossing and turning. Also, the simple rhythm and slow tempo of ambient tracks are often in sync with the body’s natural sleep cycles, supporting longer periods of uninterrupted sleep.

One of my favorite tracks to sleep to is Weightless Part 1 by Marconi Union. Mindlab actually did a study with that piece and compared its relaxation effects against massage and other techniques. According to the study,

‘Weightless’ by Marconi was able to induce greater relaxation levels in participants than a
massage (increase of 6%).

Mindlab study

The study also found it was more relaxing than the other music chosen for the study and than drinking a cup of tea or playing video games. Now, I’m not saying my track will have those same results, but it’s definitely made with a similar purpose.

Sleep music for meditation and yoga

Incorporating ambient music into your meditation and yoga practices can deepen your relaxation and enhance your focus. The gentle soundscapes can guide you into a more meditative state, where the stresses of the day begin to melt away. Imagine the soft, rhythmic melodies harmonizing with your breathing as you move through your yoga poses or sit in stillness.

This sonic backdrop doesn’t just fill the silence; it creates a sanctuary for your mind, allowing you to more easily tap into the tranquility that lies within.

Choosing the right ambient tracks for your practice is key. You’ll want to select compositions that resonate with you personally, setting the stage for a rejuvenating experience that can carry over into a peaceful slumber.

Sleep music for stress and relaxation

Ambient music serves as a sanctuary for your mind, gently dissipating stress as you embark on a journey towards sleep. In this sonic haven, calmness flourishes, paving the way for profound relaxation. As the harmonies unfold, they carry away the day’s tension, leaving a tranquil peace that cradles your spirit.

I love to listen to ocean waves, the quiet hum of a distant forest, or the subtle whisper of a gentle wind for relaxation. Find what can become an integral part of your nightly ritual. Embracing the soothing cadences of sleep music, you allow serenity to permeate your being, transforming your sleep space into a restorative retreat.

How to use sleep music to fall asleep faster

Sleep music, with its slow-tempo ambient tracks, becomes a trusted companion for those seeking a quicker descent into the dream world. The gentle rhythms, akin to a tender lullaby, have the power to smooth the transition from wakefulness to sleep.

As these melodic waves cradle your consciousness, focusing on the cadence of your breath can enhance the relaxing effect, drawing you into a state of deeper tranquility. Establishing this practice as an evening tradition can teach your body to recognize these serene tunes as a cue for sleep, thus simplifying the journey to slumber with each repetition.

Embrace the music’s consistency, and let it unlock the night’s restorative embrace.