Why Does My Guitar Buzz?

guitar buzzing possible causes

Upon sitting down to play a favorite song on a guitar, an individual may encounter a buzzing sound when strumming a chord. The source of the buzz can range from setup issues, such as low string action, to more intricate concerns like uneven frets. Even after ensuring the guitar is tuned, it is essential to … Read more

How Is a Guitar Made?

guitar manufacturing step by step

While guitar isn’t as popular as it was in its heyday during the classic rock era, millions of people enjoy playing it today. But have you wondered how a guitar is made? In the workshop of a luthier, the aroma of rosewood and mahogany pervades as the craftsman carefully selects the finest tonewoods for their … Read more

How Does a Guitar Produce Sound?

guitar sound production process

The guitar is one of the most versatile instruments and sounds great in anything from jazz to metal. But have you ever wondered how a guitar produces sound in the first place? Audio summary: The process of sound production in a guitar is complex, shaped by numerous factors that interact to create the final musical … Read more

Can You Use Guitar Pedals for Bass?

guitar pedals for bass

Have you ever wondered if you can use guitar pedals for bass? Whether you play a little bass on the side or want to get some grindy bass tones from guitar distortion pedals, it’s a good question. Although certain pedals are tailored for the guitar’s frequency spectrum, don’t rule them out for your bass. It’s … Read more

Do New Guitar Strings Sound Better?

improving sound with new strings

New guitar strings have a bright tone. This bright tone cuts through and mixes with ease. On the other hand, old guitar strings sound duller. That said, strings sound best after a few days when they have broken in and hold a stable pitch, particularly nylon strings. So, do new guitar strings sound better? Brogan’s … Read more

Do New Guitar Strings Buzz?

guitar strings buzzing problem

It’s common to notice buzzing when you change strings. Why do new guitar strings buzz, though? Maybe you’ve changed string gauges and they’re now too close to the fretboard, causing that annoying buzz when you play. It could also be that your guitar’s neck needs a tweak for optimal relief, or perhaps the frets aren’t … Read more

Do Martin Guitars Have Truss Rods?

Close up of a guitarist playing chords on acoustic guitar

Since the 1980s, Martin has generally included adjustable truss rods in their guitars, allowing you to tweak the neck relief to your playing style. However, you’ll find that some vintage models or specific editions, like the CS-21-11, forgo the adjustable truss rod for structural or tonal reasons. If you’re eyeing a particular model, it’s best … Read more

Do Guitar Gloves Work?

A guitarist wearing gloves

Guitar gloves are a curious blend of comfort and controversy. As you consider whether to add these to your musical arsenal, understand they’re designed to ease finger pain and enhance playability. They might boost your endurance during long sessions and help in developing calluses, but they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. Understanding Guitar Gloves Guitar gloves, … Read more