Do Guitar Center Employees Get a Discount?

Guitar center guitars hanging on a wall

As a Guitar Center employee, you’re in for a symphony of savings. After your first 90 days, whether you’re strumming the strings full-time or part-time, you’ll be eligible for a discount. It’s a harmonious perk that allows you to purchase gear at about 10% above the store’s cost, although the exact figures can vary by … Read more

Do Guitar Amps Use a Lot of Electricity?

guitar amp electricity consumption

Guitar amps consume a moderate amount of electricity, comparable to an OLED TV. However, the actual power consumption varies depending on factors such as the type of amplifier (like a practice amp vs. stage amp), wattage, and usage duration. Audio summary: In this article, we will explore the power consumption of guitar amps, compare different … Read more

Do Guitar Amps Come With Cables?

guitar amps and cables

Guitar amps do not come with cables. The only exception is when you purchase a starter guitar pack that includes a beginner guitar, a practice guitar amp, and an instrument cord. Understanding what’s included with a guitar amp is crucial for beginners and experienced guitarists alike. This article will cover the essential components of guitar … Read more

7-String Guitar Explained

A 7-string guitar with exotic wood on top of a wood table

The 7-string metal guitar has been around since the late 1980s, with Ibanez being one of the first manufacturers to mass-produce the instrument. Steve Vai, a virtuoso guitarist, collaborated with Ibanez to create the Universe series, which popularized the 7-string electric guitar. But the 7 string has a long history before that. Audio summary: Compared … Read more

Is Guitar Losing Popularity?

A classic rock guitarist in the golden age of guitar

As the tides of musical taste shift, you might wonder if the guitar is being left adrift. Once the backbone of rock ‘n’ roll, the guitar is facing a symphony of changes. You’re observing a world where electronic beats often eclipse the strum of six strings, and where the faces of new guitar heroes don’t … Read more

Do Heavier Guitars Sound Better?

A heavy wood electric guitar on a table

Guitar tone and sustain are crucial elements that define a guitarist’s sound. Many factors contribute to a guitar’s overall tone and sustain, including the instrument’s weight. While some guitarists believe that heavier guitars produce better tone and longer sustain, the reality is more complex. Audio summary: This article explores the relationship between guitar weight and … Read more

Do Guitar Pickups Wear Out?

An old guitar pickup wearing out on a 7-string

You might think your guitar’s sound never changes, but over time, even the trusty pickups can show signs of wear. These critical components capture your strings’ vibrations and turn them into the electric signals your amp bellows out. While they’re built to last, with no moving parts to wear down quickly, they aren’t immune to … Read more

Do Old Guitar Strings Buzz?

buzzing old guitar strings

Imagine you’ve just dug out your old guitar from the closet, only to find the strings buzz when you play. You might think it’s because they’re old, but that’s not necessarily the case. Old guitar strings don’t inherently cause buzzing; instead, fret buzz often stems from other issues like your guitar’s action being too low … Read more